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Finding the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Plenty of cell phones plans specifically for seniors provide straightforward-to-use, straightforward-to-see phones with quite a bit of discount. At this point in time, more seniors are using cell phones. Lots of them like to carry it for emergency situations. The service rates begin at about $10 to $15 per month. Seniors that are not going to use their cell phones much should opt for prepaid services. It is much more economical in nature.


When it comes to best cell phone plans for seniors, it is quite important that you calculate how many calls you do in a day or a week. You also need to take into consideration the duration of the call. It is worthwhile mentioning that lots of cell phone plans provide unlimited service, while others charge you on the basis of your call frequency and duration. You need to be clear in your mind whether the cellphone is going to act as the primary phone, or you are just going to use it in the emergency.


It is mandatory for all cell phones to have an ability to call 911 even in the case of no connection with an active plan. Your relatives can provide you with an old cellphone. Make sure that it is charged and you can call the number 911 without having any sort of plan.

Family members plan

Most of the time, seniors live alone and that is where a family members plan can come in real handy. With this type of plan, you can be in touch with your loved ones on a regular basis. In any case of emergency, you can call your family members and ask for their immediate help. Before you register for a family members plan, it is always a good thing to take a look at the cost factor. If you can afford it, this plan is going to be quite advantageous for you.

Prepaid cell phone plan

One of the best cell phone plans for seniors is a prepaid cell phone plan. The most important thing about this plan is that you are only going to pay the amount that you are going to talk. You can buy minutes for this plan in the quantity, which you can afford.

Before you opt for a prepaid cell phone plan, make sure that you take into account whether there is an expiration date associated with the minutes or not. Generally speaking, you get a chance to roll over minutes that you have not used, as long as you buy more minutes before the expiry of the old plan. A prepaid cell phone plan is the way to go if you are not going to use your cell phone on a regular basis.


Almost all the top cell phone companies at present provide special discounts to seniors. You just need to keep yourself updated about their plans and you can avail a discount in your cell phone plan. To get information about their plans, visit their website or look for an advertisement in the newspaper and on television. Your family members can also be of great help when it comes to finding a discount plan.